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KSG Library Staff Receive Dean's Award for Academic Excellence

Three staff members from the John F. Kennedy School of Government Library were honored in May with the Dean's Award for Academic Excellence. Julie Revak, reference/cataloging assistant; Suzanne Wones, senior reference librarian; and Leslie Donnell, senior cataloger/reference librarian, received the award for their work on the library's Research Assistance Team.

"This group directly affects the ability of the School to fulfill its academic mission in two key areas: support for research, and support for teaching," Dean Joseph S. Nye, Jr., said during the award presentation. He praised skilled and friendly research librarians for their helpfulness in aiding faculty, assistants, and students to navigate Harvard's complex library system; showing them how to identify appropriate information sources from the wealth of resources available, both in print and online; and guiding them in their use. "They welcome challenges as opportunities to learn and are eager to apply their excellent 'detective skills' to turn up the most elusive piece of information," Nye continued. "With their skills, their knowledge, and their dedication to excellence, they are enormous assets to the Kennedy School."

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Last modified on Friday, July 16, 2004.