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OIS Announces Service Reorganization

The University Library's Office for Information Systems (OIS) has implemented a slight reorganization of its staff. According to Tracey Robinson, head of OIS, "The goal of this change is to clarify and evolve the model for services to staff in Harvard libraries and museums in the areas of e-resource management, digital systems and services, and public access systems." The reorganization is effective September 15.

The OIS Projects and Analysis group has been reorganized and renamed Digital Content and Access Services. Amira Aaron continues as the manager of the group, which now consists of three teams:

  • The E-Resource Management and Licensing group manages the acquisition and license negotiations for all e-resources purchased centrally for the Harvard libraries, including e-journals, e-books, and databases. This group manages the full life cycle of these resources from selection to payment and eventual renewal. The group also provides advice on copyright and intellectual property issues and participates in scholarly communication issues on campus. Ivy Anderson will continue in her role as program manager, assisted by Lauren Moffa, digital acquisitions librarian.
  • A newly formed Digital Projects and Outreach group is responsible for the coordination of OIS services in support of library digital projects and systems. Robinson notes, "Through the Library Digital Initiative, Harvard has introduced a wide range of systems and services that may be challenging for staff to understand and use. The members of the Digital Projects and Outreach team are charged with helping staff to navigate the new and constantly changing world of digital library services and provide guidance to staff as libraries continue to integrate digital materials into library collections." As senior librarian, Wendy Gogel will lead the team. Sue Kriegsman, digital projects librarian; Julie Wetherill, documentation and outreach librarian; and Katy Collins, staff assistant, will work with Gogel to further define the scope and responsibilities of the new team.
  • The Access Services and Support group has responsibility for support of and enhancements to systems that provide general public access to Harvard print and electronic collections, including the HOLLIS OPAC and the Harvard Libraries web site. As members of this team, Janet Taylor and Paul Aloisio provide analysis and management for projects that enhance the systems used by patrons to discover and access materials in the Harvard collections. They also work with library staff to manage the ever-increasing number of public and staff comments received via e-mail or online comment facilities.

For more information, contact Tracey Robinson, or 5-3724.

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Last modified on Monday, September 13, 2004.