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HCL's Jeffrey Horrell to Head Dartmouth Library System

Jeffrey L. Horrell, associate librarian of Harvard College for collections, has announced that he will assume the position of dean of libraries and librarian of the college at Dartmouth. He will begin his new role in early February 2005, and will be responsible for overseeing the Dartmouth College Library system of nine libraries.

"I have had a dozen wonderful years working in the College Library in several different positions. It is because of these experiences that I am able to move to this new role at Dartmouth. HCL has many strengths, its collections, the programs and services, but the people and their expertise and dedication are at its center. I have learned so much from Harvard and from my colleagues and I remain genuinely grateful," said Horrell.

Horrell's first appointment at Harvard was as librarian of the Fine Arts Library, a post he held from 1992 until 1998. During 1997, he also served as acting librarian of Houghton Library. In his tenure at Fine Arts, he is credited with initiating a strategic planning effort that produced numerous improvements in the library's programs and services. In 1998, he was appointed associate librarian of Harvard College Library for collections, a newly defined position with primary responsibility for leadership and administration of programs relating to the development and management of the collections, as well as a shared responsibility for the overall administration of the College Library. Within HCL, Horrell organized the Collections Management Council and oversaw the various groups stemming from it. He played a key role in strengthening the HCL Technical Services unit, coordinating its move to Central Square, and developing the report The Future of Technical Services in the Harvard College Library (May 2003). In the University Library, Horrell has chaired HUL's Digital Acquisitions and Collections Committee, the group that oversees the selection and implementation of licensed digital content for Harvard's libraries. He has also been a leader on issues of scholarly communications.

"Jeff has been an exceptional advocate for HCL's collections. Through his leadership we have become better at building and developing collections, making them accessible to our users, and attending to their preservation. Jeff appreciates the knowledge, skills, and expertise that his staff and colleagues bring to these endeavors, and at the same time, he knows how valuable these collections are to the students, faculty, and others who use them," said Nancy M. Cline, the Roy E. Larsen Librarian of Harvard College. "We will miss having Jeff in our midst as a leader, administrator, colleague, and friend...but I cannot dispute the fact that Dartmouth has made an outstanding choice in selecting Jeffrey Horrell as its librarian."

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