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veritas Harvard University Library Notes, For Harvard Library Staff, Number 1323 January 2005

Update on Rounds 8 and 9:
LDI Internal Challenge Grant Program

The Executive Committee for Harvard's Library Digital Initiative (LDI) has scheduled two calls for proposals in 2005 for the LDI Internal Challenge Grant Program.

Round 8

The Round 8 deadline for preliminary proposals is Monday, February 28, 2005. This is the first call since LDI entered its second phase in the fall of 2004. Proposals for Round 8 must provide access to high-priority digital resources that have immediate and demonstrable use in current teaching and research at Harvard. Accordingly, project managers are encouraged to identify and select content that supports current courses or ongoing research projects. For example, a successful project might catalog and digitize historical text and images from the library's collections that relate to a course assignment or that can serve as background material for specific lectures.

For more information, consult the Call for Proposals that is now online at http://hul.harvard.edu/ldi/html/current_call.html. In addition, to be added to the list of expected proposals, contact Wendy Gogel at wendy_gogel@harvard.edu or 5-3724.

Round 9

The LDI Executive Committee is planning its Round 9 call for internal challenge grants in September 2005. Round 9 will focus on archiving born-digital material-in contrast to digitizing material from the University's traditional collections. For example, a successful project might seek to archive web sites, electronic files in an archival collection, or research data that have been collected electronically.

Because Round 9 will involve technical challenges as well as digital preservation issues, and because it may entail the development of new tools, the Office for Information Systems (OIS) plans to begin immediately to consult with members of the library community who are interested in proposing projects in this area. Contact Wendy Gogel at wendy_gogel@harvard.edu or 5-3724 to begin the process.


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