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veritas Harvard University Library Notes, For Harvard Library Staff, Number 1325 May 2005

Harvard University Library Notes / July 2005 / No. 1326

Peter Accardo Receives 2005 EPDOP Award

Peter Accardo, acquisitions bibliographer in HCL's Houghton Library, is the 2005 recipient of the University Library's Extended Professional Development Opportunity Program (EPDOP) grant. EPDOP provides professional development leaves of one to three months' duration—with full pay and benefits—to professional library staff for independent projects that increase professional competencies while providing direct benefit to Harvard's libraries. Recipients are required to complete a written report and encouraged to schedule a talk or brief workshop on their subject.

Accardo will use his EPDOP award to complete an extended article on the subject of errata in British books printed up to the year 1800. "Beginning in the mid-fifteenth century," Accardo notes, "the mass production of printed books occasioned (not intentionally) the mass dissemination of typographical error. This circumstance forced early producers of books to address textual error in new ways."

Accardo's interest in errata grew out of his work on the Eighteenth Century Short Title Catalogue (ESTC), conducted between 1985 and 1990 in Houghton and Widener libraries. Accardo has examined nearly 75,000 books throughout the HCL libraries and has compiled a 100-page summary of interesting examples of errata.

"My study," Accardo states, "based on almost twenty years of close examination of texts at Houghton Library and other Harvard College libraries, will emphasize the extraordinary range of excuses offered for errata, the literary quality of errata statements, the typography and layout of errata as readers' aids to correction, and whether or not readers have ever felt the need to 'take up their pens' to correct textual errors."

For more information on EPDOP, visit the Harvard University Library site at http://hul.harvard.edu/epdop.html or contact Bette Viano, HUL's director of human resources, at 5-3650 or bette_viano@harvard.edu.

Past EPDOP Recipients

Barbara Burg
Research Librarian
Widener Library
Harvard College Library
A brief history of the Pine Ridge Cemetery for Animals, and its parent institution, the Animal Rescue League of Boston.

Karen Nipps
Houghton Library
Harvard College Library
Study of Philadelphia printer Lydia Bailey.

Choong Nam Yoon
Harvard-Yenching Library
Harvard College Library
Trip to Seoul, Korea, and China to identify reliable channels for acquiring relevant scholarly materials for Korean Studies.

Ksenya Kiebuzinski
Ukrainian Research Center
Faculty of Arts and Sciences
Doctoral dissertation on "Fictions of Ukraine in 19th-Century French Culture."

Barbara Halporn
Collection Development
Widener Library
Harvard College Library
A six-week practicum in collections conservation in the HCL Conservation Laboratory, training in assessment and repair techniques for 19th- and 20th-century books.


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