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veritas Harvard University Library Notes, For Harvard Library Staff, Number 1325 May 2005

Harvard University Library Notes / July 2005 / No. 1326

New Appointments

Danielle Adams
Cataloger (January)
Hilles and Lamont Libraries
Harvard College Library

Danielle Adams worked as a cataloger and Depository coordinator in the Countway Library of Medicine for nearly five years. In that capacity she performed copy and original cataloging responsibilities. She also researched and created series and name authorities. She holds an MSLIS from Simmons and a BA in English literature from the University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh.

Ted Barron
Managing Director (April)
Harvard Film Archive
Harvard College Library

Ted Barron is now responsible for the day-to-day administration of the Harvard Film Archive (HFA). His duties include management of the HFA budget, collections, access to collections, and public programming, as well as supervision of all HFA staff.

Nanni Deng
Asian Art Bibliographer (May)
Collection Management
Fine Arts Library
Harvard College Library

Nanni Deng held a similar position at the Cleveland Museum of Art, where she was responsible for selecting Chinese-, Japanese-, and English-language materials for the library. Prior to that, she served as Asian librarian at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, where she oversaw the maintenance and development of the Asian Library. She holds a BA in Japanese language and literature from Shanghai Fudan University in China and an MSLIS from Simmons.

Ken Gilliam
Doorchecker (January)
Harvard College Library

Ken Gilliam has been working in Operations as an LHT employee for the past seven years. Prior to coming to Harvard, he was a member of the Cambridge Police Department for 30 years in a variety of capacities, including supervisor of the Evening Division Communication Center and detective of the Vice Control Unit. He holds an MA in criminal justice from Anna Maria College in Paxton, Massachusetts, and a BS in law enforcement/sociology from Boston State College.

Patricia Glaspie
Staff Assistant/Library Assistant (May)
Access Services
Widener Library
Harvard College Library

Patricia Glaspie will split her time between providing administrative support to all of Access Services and providing library support in the Library Privileges office. She worked recently as a library assistant in the Andover-Harvard Theological Library at the Harvard Divinity School, and has also worked as library coordinator for the Boston Theological Institute. She holds a BA in environmental studies and Spanish from Tufts University.

Bruce Gordon
Audio Engineer (June)
Loeb Music Library
Harvard College Library

For the past ten years, Bruce Gordon has been the audio engineer for Audiomagic, Inc., a corporation he founded that is designed to serve the audio needs of its telecommunications clients. At Audiomagic, Gordon developed methods to provide consistent audio to clients such as Verizon, Cisco, Citibank, and Rail Europe. He has also worked as the audio engineer for the Carlisle Sound Studio in Carlisle, Massachusetts.

Jarred Graves
Evening Operations Supervisor (May)
Harvard College Library

Jarred Graves has held several security positions, most recently as a Fidelity security representative with Fidelity Investments, where he was responsible for ensuring safe and secure workplaces, conducting risk analyses, and assessing the company's emergency operations. He is working towards a BA in sociology and criminal justice at the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth.

Emma Hernandez
Circulation and Reserves Supervisor (May)
John F. Kennedy School of Government Library

Emma Hernandez has worked at the KSG Library for the past 13 years on a part- time basis, working first as a circulation desk assistant and then promoted to circulation/reserves weekend supervisor. Last September she was appointed circulation/end processing assistant. She has also worked as a loan administrator assistant at Salem State College, where she received her BS.

Miriam Leigh
Staff Assistant (May)
Imaging Services
Preservation and Imaging Department
Harvard College Library

Miriam Leigh worked briefly as a library assistant in the Serials department of Access Services in 2002. Since then she has worked as an associate editor and circulation manager for Stellar Medical Publications in Brookline, where she tracked subscriber trends and managed the company's circulation and customer service programs. She holds a BA in English literature from McGill University.

Alythea McKinney
Education Research Associate (May)
Open Collections Program
Harvard University Library

Alythea McKinney has worked as a consultant with OCP since 2004, and prior to that she was a teaching fellow at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. She holds a BA from Mount Holyoke College, an MA from the Center for Appalachian Studies at Appalachian State University in North Carolina, and an EdD from the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

Honor Moody
Cataloger (May)
Collection Services
Schlesinger Library
Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study

Honor Moody has worked at the Judaica Division of Harvard College Library for the past four years and was an intern at the Joseph P. Healey Library at the University of Massachusetts, Boston. She received her undergraduate degree in liberal arts from St. John's College in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and her MSLIS from Simmons.

Madeleine Newell
Metadata Technician (June)
Preservation and Imaging Department
Harvard College Library

Madeleine Newell has worked as a compositor for Argosy Publishing in Newton, where she produced page layouts for heavily formatted textbooks. She has also held several positions with the Safari/Digital Books Production Group of O'Reilly and Associates in Cambridge. Most recently, she served as the division's associate production manager. She holds a BA in Russian from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, and an MA in Russian from the State University of New York at Albany.

Alice Shen
Microfilm Camera Operator (January)
Microfilm Laboratory
Preservation and Imaging Department
Harvard College Library

Alice Shen recently worked as a library assistant at the Boston Public Library, where she sorted and maintained the library's materials and performed circulation duties. She also has an extensive background in electrical engineering and worked as a senior technician at Power One, Inc., in Allston for ten years.

Diane Sredl
Data Reference Librarian (January)
Social Sciences Program
Harvard College Library

Formerly a statistical programmer and data manager at Channing Laboratory, a research division of Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women's Hospital, where she worked as a research data coordinator, data analyst, and statistical programmer for several longitudinal studies, Diane Sredl has also held library positions in reference, serials management, and circulation at Brigham and Women's Hospital Staff Library, Temple Israel Library, and Forsyth Institute Library. She holds a BA in mathematics from Dartmouth, a master's of public health from Boston University, and an MSLIS from Simmons.

Kyle Stark
Operations Specialist (May)
Harvard Depository
Harvard University Library

Most recently, Kyle Stark was employed at the Metropolitan Treatment Center in Roslindale as an English teacher working with incarcerated youths. He has also worked for Whole Foods Market and Raytheon. He holds a BA in history from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, and is working towards a master's of liberal arts degree in history from the Harvard Extension School.

Akiko Sugimoto
Library Assistant (January)
Japanese Acquisitions
Harvard-Yenching Library
Harvard College Library

Akiko Sugimoto previously worked as an LHT Japanese cataloging assistant in the Harvard-Yenching Library during 2003-2004. In that role, she was primarily responsible for performing end processing. She also works part-time as a library clerk at the Japanese Language School of Greater Boston. She holds an associate's degree in English literature from Kawamura Junior College in Tokyo.

Lorraine Thorne
Help Desk Coordinator and Assistant Computer Support Specialist (March)
Information Technology Services
Harvard College Library

Lorraine Thorne's new title reflects additional responsibilities she is taking on within ITS. While she will continue to be the point person on the Help Desk, she will now also work in technical support.

Elizabeth Tominey
Library Assistant (February)
Countway Library of Medicine
Harvard Medical School et al

Elizabeth Tominey's previous experience includes working as a library assistant at Burndy Library, MIT, and at the Mary Baker Eddy Library for the Betterment of Humanity. Tominey holds a BA in English from Bates College and is working towards a master's degree in the history of art and architecture at Harvard Extension School.

Philip Trevvett
Library Assistant (January)
Circulation/Reserves Unit
Countway Library of Medicine
Harvard Medical School et al

Philip Trevvett grew up in Chicago before moving to Providence to attend college. He graduated from Brown University with a degree in modern culture and media.

Achilles Vatrikas
Doorchecker (January)
Harvard College Library

Most recently, Achilles Vatrikas worked as the assistant to the college librarian at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts Library in New York, providing building security. Vatrikas holds an associate's degree from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and a BA in performing arts from the American College of Southeastern Europe in Greece.

Bruce Williams
Microfilm Camera Operator (May)
Microfilm Laboratory
Preservation and Imaging Department
Harvard College Library

Prior to joining Imaging Services, Bruce Williams worked as a temp in HCL Operations for about two months. He has held several library jobs, including library assistant at the Austin Public Library in Austin, Texas, and access services library assistant at the Carrollton Public Library in Carrollton, Texas. He holds a BS in biology from Wayland Baptist University in Plainview, Texas.

Suzanne Wones
Head of Access and Research Services (May)
John F. Kennedy School of Government Library

Suzanne Wones came to the Kennedy School in June 2000 as a reference librarian and was upgraded to senior reference librarian in January of 2002. She has an MSI from the University of Michigan, an MA in American history from the University of New Hampshire, and a BA from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

Edith Young
Microfilm Camera Operator (June)
Microfilm Laboratory
Preservation and Imaging Department

Edith Young has had a variety of work experiences, most notably as an optician at the Victoria Optical Company in Boston, where she managed all operations for the store, including ordering frames and lenses, maintaining patient records, and answering customer questions. She attended school in Hong Kong.

Ernest Zitser
CGIS Manager/Davis Center Librarian (May)
Social Sciences Program
Harvard College Library

Ernest ("Erik") Zitser worked in HCL's Slavic Division for the past three years as a library assistant. He also served as a Manuscript Department assistant in Houghton Library during the summer of 2004. He holds an MA and a PhD in Russian history from Columbia University, as well as a BA in political science and Russian studies from the University of California, Los Angeles. He was a postdoctoral fellow at the Davis Center in 2001-2002 and continues to be a Davis Center associate.


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