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veritas Harvard University Library Notes, For Harvard Library Staff, Number 1325 May 2005

Harvard University Library Notes / September 2005 / No. 1327

How to Safely Display Books, Paper, and Photographs

On Wednesday, October 12, the Weissman Preservation Center is sponsoring a two-hour program, which is open to all Harvard library staff, that explores the best methods for safe display of books, flat paper, and photographs. Entitled "Exhibits: How to Safely Display Books, Paper, and Photographs," the program includes presentations by three of Harvard's senior conservators:

  • Brenda Bernier, Senior Photograph Conservator in the Weissman Preservation Center
  • Thea Burns, Helen H. Glaser Conservator in the Harvard College Library
  • Pamela Spitzmueller, James W. Needham Chief Conservator for Special Collections

Bernier, Burns, and Spitzmueller will offer advice about and guidelines for the construction and interior environments of exhibit cases, exhibit lighting, the use of cradles and strapping techniques to support books, and matting and framing paper and photographs. The curators will also suggest under what circumstances a curator should consult a conservator, provide examples of good and bad practices, and answer questions.

The "Exhibits" program is scheduled for 9:30 to 11:30 am on Wednesday, October 12, in the Lamont Forum Room in HCL's Lamont Library. Advance registration is required. For more information, contact Barbara Movius in the Weissman Preservation Center at 5-8596 or barbara_movius@harvard.edu.


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