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veritas Harvard University Library Notes, For Harvard Library Staff, Number 1325 May 2005




Harvard University Library Notes / September 2005 / No. 1327

New Web Site for HUL Administration

Over the course of the summer, the University Library administration implemented a long-planned new web site. The site was designed to meet the growing public information needs of the University Library, to provide a secure location for online staff resources, and to link HUL's various programs and endeavors. Visit the site at http://hul.harvard.edu.

Staff Resources and Committees

On the new HUL site, the Staff Resources area is now limited to users with Harvard IP addresses. The Staff Resources section includes:

Bryant Fellowship Program
supporting research by Harvard's library professionals


Digital Acquisitions Page
a resource for Harvard librarians

Extended Professional Development Opportunity Program
professional leaves for independent projects by Harvard librarians

Harvard University Library Directory
staff directory for the Harvard libraries

Librarian Compensation Tables
information on administrative and professional positions in the Harvard libraries (currently under revision)

Library Job Family Matrices
descriptions of job groups to help individuals understand the relationships among jobs (currently under revision)

Staff Discussion Lists
access to HUL electronic discussion lists

Helpful Sites for Staff
links to a variety of resources including the Librarians' Assembly

A Note for Contributors to Staff Resources

Because Staff Resources and Committees—separate on the former HUL site—have been combined in a protected area, some directory locations have shifted, though most URLs have remained the same. For more information, contact Catherine Blatz at 5-3650 or administration@hulmail.harvard.edu.

About the HUL Directory

The Harvard University Library Directory, which is printed annually, is also available online at http://hul.harvard.edu/resources/directory.html. As has been the case for several years, the site includes online forms for updating and correcting directory listings (at http://hul.harvard.edu/resources/directory/directory-change.html). Updates are generally processed within two working days.


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