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veritas Harvard University Library Notes, For Harvard Library Staff, Number 1325 May 2005


Sarah Tudesco


Harvard University Library Notes / March 2006 / No. 1330

HCL Hires Tudesco as Manager for Collection Logistics

Sarah Tudesco has joined the Harvard College Library in a new position designed to manage HCL collection logistics. In today's data-driven era, Tudesco's task is to comb through the multitude of numbers driving library usage and holdings throughout all of HCL and to help answer questions, lots of questions.

Tudesco's report-heavy role is designed to figure out the why, where, and how of HCL's inner workings. For instance, which patrons use which materials, and where and how are they using them? Who uses Lamont late at night? How many patrons frequent the Quad Library? What serials holdings are in HCL and Harvard? Tudesco's statistical contributions will provide HCL with a better understanding of the numbers and, by extension, the users. Ultimately, that will translate to improved planning and allocation of resources within HCL.

Tudesco will also play a role in the University Library's JSTOR Dark Archive Project as HUL's Harvard Depository (HD) works with JSTOR to assemble a complete backup print archive of the latter's digitized scanned journal collection, stored in HD.

Tudesco comes to HCL from the University of Massachusetts, Boston, where she spent four years, first as systems and digital services librarian, and more recently as assistant director of systems and resource management. Among other things, she managed Technical Services and coordinated library assessment activities. She also revised the library's record-keeping system to simplify the reporting process.


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