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veritasHarvard University Library Notes, For Harvard Library Staff, Number 1325 May 2005

Harvard University Library Notes / May 2006 / No. 1331

OIS Adds MARC Records for E-Journals into Aleph and MetaLib

On April 1, HUL's Office for Information Systems (OIS) loaded approximately 17,000 MARC records for e-journals into Aleph, providing first-time access in the HOLLIS catalog to over 11,000 records in aggregated collections, such as EBSCO Academic Search Premier, which have never been individually cataloged.

On April 4, these same records were loaded into the MetaLib system, adding persistent URNs and enriching the bibliographic information displayed in the "Find E-Journals" module of E-Research @ Harvard Libraries. In the near future, Harvard will implement subject keyword searching of e-journal titles in E-Research.

On a regular basis, OIS now loads MARC records for e-journals into both Aleph and MetaLib. In addition to providing new records, these batch loads will update holdings and coverage in both databases and will delete titles that are no longer available. Coverage and holdings for each full-text provider appear on the holdings display for the networked resource in Aleph as well as on the MetaLib e-journal information screen.

"Loading of these e-journal records into Aleph and MetaLib has important benefits for library users and for library staff," stated Amira Aaron, manager of digital content and access services in OIS. "Users can now find consistent, comprehensive, and up-to-date information about e-journals in HOLLIS and E-Research. Serials cataloging staff in the libraries will no longer need to maintain holdings and coverage information for thousands of e-journals in Aleph.

By automating this function, we've gained a manageable way to provide accurate and timely access to this fast-growing and increasingly used collection of electronic resources."

All of these records are produced by the Ex Libris company through its MARCit! Service. The records are based on the holdings in Harvard's SFX database and are pulled from the actual MARC records in Harvard's CONSER database.

Following established Harvard policy, records for electronic holdings are added to the print copy whenever possible. If there is no print or other record for a title, then a new bibliographic record is loaded.

For a limited number of titles, CONSER records may not be available to the MARCit! Service, and, in those cases, the bibliographic records that are loaded will be very brief. Many of these titles are ephemeral and non-scholarly, but titles of value to a particular library may be fully cataloged by staff in that library according to CONSER policy.

Work on this project was a joint effort of OIS project staff, the ad hoc Serials Load Task Force, and the Standing Subcommittee on Serials, Series and Continuations.

For more information, consult the PowerPoint presentation at http://hul.harvard.edu/cmtes/haac/ssssc/New_Workflows_for_Electronic_Journals.ppt.


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