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veritasHarvard University Library Notes, For Harvard Library Staff, Number 1325 May 2005

Harvard University Library Notes / May 2006 / No. 1331

RMO Workshops on Spring Cleaning and Transferring Records to the Harvard University Archives

As June 30 approaches, offices throughout the University will be closing the books—and the files—on the 2005-2006 academic year. To help staff in charge of keeping the University's files in order, the Records Management Office (RMO) is offering two important workshops in May and June.

The first workshop, "Housecleaning," is an end-of-the-year program to help office staff get a handle on their files. It will provide guidelines on what to keep, what to store, what to shred, what should go to the Archives, and—most of all—how to get started on the task. Sessions are currently scheduled for 10 am on

  • Monday, May 15
  • Monday, June 5
  • Wednesday, July 19

Your Office and the Harvard University Archives
The second workshop, "Your Office and the Harvard University Archives," is an introduction to the mission of the University Archives and the many ways that offices can contribute to the continuing tradition of documenting Harvard University. Harvard's official records extend with no major gaps from the founding of the College to the present-day University. Is your office contributing its records to the Archives to ensure the documentation of important programs and activities at Harvard? This workshop covers how records in the Archives can help your office with its activities, and it will provide a history of the Archives and information on how and what to transfer. The program will let you know in detail what happens to your records once they are transferred to the Archives. Sessions are currently scheduled for 10 am on

  • Thursday, June 15
  • Thursday, July 27
  • Thursday, August 31

All sessions are held in the conference room of the Harvard University Archives, which is located in Pusey Library. RMO always provides coffee, tea, and bagels. Pre-registration is required. To register, call RMO at 5-5961 or visit http://hul.harvard.edu/rmo/resources_01.shtml.

RMO will schedule additional sessions of either program by request, or tailor a program to fit the needs of individual University programs or departments with special records management needs.

To learn more about RMO and the University's records management program, visit the RMO web site at http://hul.harvard.edu/rmo or contact RMO at 5-5961 or rmo@hulmail.harvard.edu.


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