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veritasHarvard University Library Notes, For Harvard Library Staff, Number 1325 May 2005

Harvard University Library Notes / September 2006 / No. 1333

Pilot Project to Deliver Materials from HD to Non-Owning Libraries Begins This Fall

In June 2005, the University Library Council (ULC) met to develop priorities for the coming year. One of those priorities was the exploration of a service to deliver materials from the Harvard Depository (HD) to non-owning libraries in an effort to provide enhanced service for users.

To provide this service, a review of necessary changes in Aleph, at HD, and in library circulation areas began this spring. Earlier this summer, the ULC approved a one-year pilot project that will begin this fall to allow library users to request circulating items held at HD to be delivered to any participating library. Participating libraries are identified as those that currently have HD accounts and that use Aleph for circulation transactions. The pilot project is expected to begin by the end of September.

An example of how this service will work is as follows: A patron at the Harvard Medical School finds a regular circulating item in HOLLIS that is owned by Widener Library and located at the Depository. The patron requests that item online and selects a delivery location from among the list of participating libraries—including the Countway Library. HD makes its regular delivery to the patron's chosen delivery location, and when the material is processed by circulation staff, the borrower receives a notice that the item has arrived and is ready for pickup.

For the pilot, users will be able to select a delivery location for all "regular loan" material from the libraries listed below. These libraries will be listed in a menu on the HOLLIS OPAC Request Confirmation screen. For each item in HD, the owning library will be first in the list of delivery locations, followed by the other libraries listed alphabetically. If no choice is made on the list—or the user just clicks "Send Request"—the item will be sent to the first library on the list (i.e., the owning library). Participating libraries include:

  • Andover-Harvard Theological Library—Harvard Divinity School
  • Cabot Science Library—Harvard College Library (HCL)
  • Chemistry and Chemical Biology Library—Faculty of Arts and Sciences (FAS)
  • Francis A. Countway Library of Medicine—Harvard Medical School
  • Fine Arts Library—HCL
  • H. C. Fung Library—HCL
  • Harvard-Yenching Library—HCL
  • John F. Kennedy School of Government Library
  • Harvard Law School Library
  • Littauer Library—HCL
  • Eda Kuhn Loeb Music Library—HCL
  • Frances Loeb Library—Harvard Graduate School of Design
  • Physics Research Library—FAS
  • Tozzer Library—HCL
  • Harry Elkins Widener Memorial Library—HCL

Materials checked out from delivery locations will circulate for the same loan period as they would if they were checked out at the owning library's circulation desk. Materials may be returned to any Harvard library.


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