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veritasHarvard University Library Notes, For Harvard Library Staff, Number 1325 May 2005
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Based on an extremely positive initial response, the Harvard University Library has reissued the print version of "A Selection of Web-Accessible Collections," which is a one-page promotional piece originally requested in June by the Provost's Office for the annual Faculty Workshop on the Use of Technology in Teaching and Learning. Modular in design and intended for digital printing, "A Selection of Web-Accessible Collections" will be updated and reissued on an as-needed basis. To request copies of "A Selection of Web-Accessible Collections," please e-mail Wendy Gogel. To download a PDF of "A Selection of Web-Accessible Collections," visit the University Library's publications site. The PDF is linked to all of the represented collections. The print piece is a companion to the digital collections web site of the same name, which is accessible directly from the Harvard Libraries web site.

Harvard University Library Notes / September 2006 / No. 1333

A Selection of Web-Accessible Collections

Through its many libraries, Harvard University provides open, online access to a rich array of digital materials that includes photographic collections, documents, music scores, prints, drawings, historical maps, books, legal transcripts, diaries, manuscripts, and more.

In recent months, HUL launched a new web site, entitled "A Selection of Web-Accessible Collections," to promote and provide access to a selection of the digital materials that are available to all. The web site, located at http://digitalcollections.harvard.edu, highlights subject- or format-specific collections by providing a brief description of the offerings, a link to more information, and a sampling of the digital content. The web site is updated quarterly with new collections submitted from the libraries. Recent additions to the site include a collection of Latin American pamphlets from Widener Library and a collection of resources on the "South Sea Bubble" from the Kress Collection at Baker Library.

The pamphlets, largely 19th- and early 20th-century works from Bolivia, Chile, Cuba, and Mexico, were cataloged and digitized as part of a Library Digital Initiative (LDI) grant project. Each item is cataloged in HOLLIS, and then the collection as a whole is harvested and delivered through the web using a new service called Virtual Collections (VC). Using the VC, the pamphlets can be searched and browsed together on the web, and each pamphlet can be viewed through HUL's Page Delivery Service.

"Sunk in Lucre's Sordid Charms" is the title of an online exhibition of images and text from materials related to the "South Sea Bubble" stock market crisis in the early 18th century. The collection includes books, broadsides, prints, and ephemera.

The Open Collections Program (OCP), through which resources from Harvard's libraries are made available online to benefit students and teachers around the world, will add each of its new collections to this web site. The first collection, Women Working, 1800-1930, contains more than 500,000 pages of historical documentation in images and text focusing on the role of women in the United States economy. A second resource, Immigration to the United States, 1789-1930, is expected to launch this fall.

To submit collections for inclusion in "A Selection of Web-Accessible Collections," send e-mail requests to digitalprojects@hulmail.harvard.edu. For more information about engaging in digital library projects at Harvard, contact Wendy Gogel at 5-3724 or wendy_gogel@harvard.edu.


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