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veritasHarvard University Library Notes, For Harvard Library Staff, Number 1334 November 2006
Codices, Chimpanzees, and Curanderas

Codices, Chimpanzees, and Curanderas

Harvard University Library Notes / November 2006 / No. 1334

Codices, Chimpanzees, and Curanderas

In September, HCL's Tozzer Library reached a milestone in its 140-year history with the addition of the quarter-millionth volume to its collection of anthropology, archaeology, and ethnology materials.

To mark the occasion, the library is hosting "Codices, Chimpanzees, and Curanderas: From the Field to the Shelf," an exhibition to celebrate the literature of anthropology and to display Tozzer's newest book, Neu-Eroeffnetes Amphi-Theatrum. Woodcuts, such as the one shown at the left, are included the 1723 volume, which is part of a larger, five-part work.


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