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veritasHarvard University Library Notes, For Harvard Library Staff, Number 1335 January 2007
2006 Excellence in Service Award Recipients

2006 Excellence in Service Award Recipients

Harvard University Library Notes / January 2007 / No. 1335

HCL Names 2006 Excellence in Service Award Recipient

Dedication, enthusiasm, superb service, and creative problem-solving: these trademark qualities are among those epitomized by the recipients of the 2006 Excellence in Service Award, a merit-based honor initiated last year by HCL Joint Council and Human Resource Services to publicly recognize both full- and part-time employees who go above and beyond the call of duty.

"This award provides staff members the opportunity to recognize their colleagues who consistently rise above challenges, create opportunities, and contribute to HCL's mission, values, and goals," says Sherrie Whang, senior human resource consultant. "Now in its second year, this program is successful thanks to the active participation of the HCL community and a strong commitment to the spirit of the award."

The honorees for 2006 are Mary Butler, billing, Widener Library; Peter Ciraolo, staff assistant for mailroom/shipping, HCL Technical Services; Kirsten Colton, senior human resource consultant, Human Resource Services; Susan Gilroy, head of reference services, Lamont Library; Kerry Masteller, circulation supervisor, Loeb Music Library; Elizabeth McKeigue, research librarian, Widener Library; and Andrew Wilson, public services associate, Loeb Music Library. Each honoree receives a $500 award.

Candidates for the Excellence in Service Award can be nominated by any member of the HCL community. Recipients are selected by a six-member committee comprising three support staff and three administrative/professional staff members. The current year's recipients are invited to serve on the next year's selection committee.

Although the selection committee is not bound to name a specific number of recipients annually, it generally grants up to three awards to support staff members and three awards to administrative/professional members.

In the photo (left to right): Front row: Susan Gilroy, Nancy Cline, Mary Butler, and Kirsten Colton. Back row: Kerry Masteller, Andrew Wilson, Peter Ciraolo, and Elizabeth McKeigue.

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