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veritasHarvard University Library Notes, For Harvard Library Staff, Number 1335 January 2007

Harvard University Library Notes / January 2007 / No. 1335

Deadline Alert: Bryant Fellowships in 2007

The Harvard University Library is seeking applications for the Douglas W. Bryant Fellowships. Applications will be reviewed by the Bryant Fellowships Committee of the Librarians' Assembly Professional Development Committee, on behalf of the Harvard University Library. The application deadline is Friday, February 16, 2007.

A gift from Charles and Mary Tanenbaum established the Douglas W. Bryant Fellowships, which are awarded to individual Harvard librarians in support of the direct costs of their independent scholarly research. The gift reflects the donors' "high regard for the able and dedicated men and women who constitute the professional staff of the Harvard University Library." The fellowships support research by Harvard's professional library staff in bibliography, in historical aspects of librarianship, in production of reference and bibliographic works, and in other scholarly investigations, which may be outside the field of librarianship.

Application Guidelines

  • Each applicant is required to submit a current résumé and two letters of recommendation along with a short application narrative in letter form.
  • Applications are considered on the basis of scholarly merit and/or creativity, documented ability to complete the project as submitted, and appropriateness of budget and timetable.
  • Budgets must be itemized.
  • The fellowship program does not support projects that the applicant's library undertakes as part of its standard operations, nor can Bryant funds be used to supplement library operations.

Guidelines are available on the Harvard University Library web site at http://hul.harvard.edu/resources/bryant.html, or by contacting HUL Human Resources Director Bette Viano at 5-3650 or bette_viano@harvard.edu.

Questions may be addressed to the co-chairs of the Bryant Fellowship Committee: Michael Austin, 5-2461, michael_austin@harvard.edu, or Inés Zalduendo, 4-7821, izalduendo@gsd.harvard.edu.


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