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veritasHarvard University Library Notes, For Harvard Library Staff, Number 1335 January 2007

Harvard University Library Notes / January 2007 / No. 1335

Extended Professional Development Opportunity Program

The Extended Professional Development Opportunity Program (EPDOP) provides professional-development leaves of one to three months' duration—with full pay and benefits—to professional librarians for independent projects that increase professional competencies while providing direct benefit to Harvard's libraries. Recipients are required to complete a written report and encouraged to schedule a talk or brief workshop on their subject. Applicants must have completed a minimum of three consecutive years of service to the University and must demonstrate the approval of appropriate supervisors, librarians, department chairs, and/or other designees. Arrangements must be possible to cover necessary assignments in the applicant's absence.

Eligible projects may include:

  • scholarly research in areas served by the applicant's position at Harvard;
  • initiatives to improve technical or library-oriented activities, such as internships and exchanges;
  • internships at other institutions;
  • writing in areas served by the applicant's position; or
  • intensive reading and study in areas new to one's profession of a scope that extends significantly beyond normal professional expectations.

Proposals must include descriptions of any "deliverables" to be presented afterwards and the amount of time needed. EPDOP may be used in conjunction with awards from other fellowships or research grants if permitted by the supervising librarian of the faculty.

Spring Deadlines

May 1—discuss preliminary proposals with local supervisors and library administration
June 1—submit final, locally approved proposals to HUL Associate Director Barbara Graham, who chairs the EPDOP Review Committee
July 2—EPDOP awards announced

For full details, visit http://hul.harvard.edu/resources/epdop.html or contact Bette Viano, director of human resources in the Harvard University Library, at 5-3650 or bette_viano@harvard.edu.


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