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veritasHarvard University Library Notes, For Harvard Library Staff, Number 1337 May 2007
The main entrance to HCL's Lamont Library

The main entrance to HCL's Lamont Library

Harvard University Library Notes / May 2007 / No. 1337

Staff in HCL's Social Sciences Program and Lamont Prepare for a Move

Planning that began in the Harvard College Library (HCL) in 2005 will culminate this summer in the relocation of Littauer Library staff and services to the Lamont Library building. This move will bring most units of HCL's Social Sciences Program (SSP)—Government Documents/Microforms, Numeric Data Services, Environmental Information Services, Harvard Map Collection, and Collection Management—into closer proximity with one another. It will also create the opportunity to build an integrated research service at Lamont, jointly supported by staff from Lamont Reference Services and the SSP.

"This move is similar to the Widener renovation project in that it is giving both the SSP units and Lamont the opportunity to redesign workflows, to realign staff and services, and to create logical adjacencies," said Susan Lee, HCL associate librarian for planning and administration. "The end result is going to be a more functional space that better serves both users and staff."

For staff of both libraries the move means a lot of work, from physically sorting and packing materials and workspaces to rising to the challenges of change in their work environment. Staff members in each of the libraries have been involved in the planning, along with Diane Geraci, librarian for the Social Sciences; Heather Cole, librarian of the Lamont Library; and Associate Librarians Marilyn Wood and Lee.

Currently, Littauer staff members are packing materials to move out of the building. Most of the unique monographs are going to the Harvard Depository (HD), and the unique subscription and gift journals will go to Widener, where ongoing stewardship responsibility will transfer to the appropriate bibliographers there. Littauer special collections and the Environmental Science and Public Policy Archives will be housed at HD and returned for use in Widener's Phillips Reading Room.

At the end of spring term, Littauer Library will close as a service point. Many of the staff will remain in the building over the summer to finalize the move of materials. A few staff members from both Littauer and Lamont will relocate to the facility at 625 Mass. Ave., where they will become a part of Cataloging Support Services (CSS) in HCL Technical Services or Binding and Shelf Preparation.

Also at the end of the term, Level 1 of Lamont will close for the summer for renovations to accommodate the new service point, which has been named "Research Services at Lamont." Lamont collections on Level 1 will be moved to temporary shelving on Level 5, and much of the Government Documents/Microforms collection will be unavailable during the construction. Researchers planning to visit the unit over the summer are being asked to contact Government Documents by May 25 to request materials, and patrons are being encouraged to utilize e-mail and/or the telephone for reference questions.

In September, when Level 1 reopens as Research Services at Lamont, it will be a revitalized, more open space with new furnishings, carpet, and paint. All the microform readers will return and the public service terminals currently on Level 3 will be stationed in the alcoves. Copiers, printers, and a scanner will be close at hand. Group study space on Level 1 will again be available, and a redesigned office area will provide space for day-to-day staff work, projects, and consultations with library users.

There will be one service point in the reading room for both Lamont and SSP research librarians, and the room will house reference materials for the social sciences, humanities, Numeric Data Services, Environmental Information Services, and US and foreign documents collections.


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