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veritasHarvard University Library Notes, For Harvard Library Staff, Number 1338 May 2007

Harvard University Library Notes / September 2007 / No. 1339

The Art of the Weissman Center

From July 20 through August 15, the Harvard community enjoyed a unique opportunity to see original works of art created by members of the conservation staff in the Weissman Preservation Center. According to Thea Burns, Helen H. Glaser Conservator in the College Library, the exhibit, held in the Holyoke Center Arcade, showcased "the artistic pursuits, both professional and amateur, which the conservation staff of the Weissman Preservation Center, Harvard University Library, engage in outside of Harvard. In some cases there is a symbiotic relationship between the art we create and the rare library materials we see and treat every day in the conservation lab."

Weissman curators

Left to right: Pamela Spitzmueller, artist books; Karen Walter, mixed media with collage; Barbara Movius, ink drawings; Erin Hammeke, bindings, metalwork; Heather Hendry, mixed media; Debora Mayer, turned wood; Catherine Badot-Costello, photographs; Thea Burns, photographs and sketchbooks.


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