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veritasHarvard University Library Notes, For Harvard Library Staff, Number 1339 September 2007

Harvard University Library Notes / September 2007 / No. 1339

Reminder: Update Portal Library Information Pages

The MetaPAC Standing Committee would like to remind library staff to review and update the information about their library available on the library information pages of the Harvard Libraries web site:

Information about library hours, services, or resources for persons with disabilities may be incomplete or out of date. Many HOLLIS Catalog, Harvard Libraries, and E-Research @ Harvard Libraries site users consult these pages rather than the library's web site for basic information about each library.

Although library services and hours information is stored in a central database, each library is responsible for maintaining its own entry. More information about how to update a library entry is available at:

If you need to update your entry but are not sure who your "library information maintainer" is, check:

For questions about the update process, or if the name of the library information maintainer listed for your library needs to be updated, please contact Katy Collins at 5-3724 or katherine@hulmail.harvard.edu.


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