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  • September 2010
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  • No. 1355
Now Available from OIS: Version 2 of Library Search for iSites Print

As a new benefit to iSite users, HUL's Office for Information Systems has launched Version 2 of its Library Search tool, which is now available in the tool trays of both course and standard iSites.

Library Search is an iSites tool that offers one-stop searching of academic and scholarly information at Harvard and beyond. Inserted on a regular or course iSite, this tool lets users directly search HOLLIS, HOLLIS Classic, Google Books, Google Scholar, and—new this summer—Harvard's centrally licensed e-resources.

librarysearch1 copy.jpgDefault view of the Library Tool

A demo version of Library Search is available on the iCommons Sample iSite to anyone with a Harvard ID. Note that Library Search results will display in a new browser window or tab. For e-resource searches, users will be prompted for a Harvard ID and PIN once a search is initiated. There is no HUID prompt when a user is in a library, has already been authenticated by E-Research, or is searching only unlicensed resources.



librarysearch2.jpgTool edit view, E-Resource selection list

Using the Edit view of the tool, a user can control which search tabs to display. For the E-Resources tab, a user selects the resources to search and add custom labels and descriptions. Included are over 200 e-resources and e-journals offered by the Harvard Libraries’ E-Research site that are cross-searchable. The release includes an additional option to select e-resources based on the same topic-based “quick set” groupings defined on the E-Research site.

For the future, there are plans to develop a stand-alone version of Library Search for use on regular web sites.  This stand-alone Library Search will succeed the existing Presto cross-search widget that was introduced in early 2010.

Credit for the original Library Search goes to iCommons, in consultation with Laura Morse in HUL OIS. Version 2 of this tool was developed by Bobbi Fox, Julie Wetherill, and Paul Aloisio—all from OIS—with substantial input from the iCommons group, the FAS Academic Technology Group, and Michael Hemment, head of research and learning technologies in Harvard College Library.

The idea for an e-resource search option originated from discussions with library IT staff in 2009.  These discussions were part of an ongoing effort to improve programmatic access to central library systems and data, called the "Collaborative and Open Delivery and Access" (CODA) project.

For additional information on either Library Search or the CODA project, contact Randy SternThis e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it , 5-3724.