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  • October 2010
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  • No. 1356
Harvard Celebrates Open Access Week
darnton.shieber.oaweek.jpgRobert Darnton and Stuart Shieber hosted Harvard's celebration of Open Access Week.

On Tuesday, October 19, Harvard's Office for Scholarly Communication (OSC) hosted a faculty reception to celebrate Open Access Week. Held at the Cambridge Queen's Head, the celebration recognized Harvard faculty who have made significant contributions to open access at the University.

As part of the Open Access Week celebration, OSC Director Stuart Shieber announced that Harvard is adding its signature to the Budapest Open Access Initiative and the Berlin Declaration on Open Access to Knowledge in the Sciences and Humanities.

Harvard's endorsement of these two proclamations expresses the University's support for the principles of open access, consistent with other policy actions that the University has undertaken, including enactment of open-access policies in its faculties, development of open-access repositories for distributing Harvard research, and support for open-access journals through the HOPE Fund.