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Open House Introduces Freshmen to Harvard's Libraries Print
freshmanopenhouse.jpgHundreds of students attended the annual Freshman Open House, which featured tours of Lamont Library and an introduction to library services.

Hundreds of incoming students attended the annual Freshman Open House for an introduction to Harvard's libraries that included tours, free food and drinks, and the chance to meet with librarians one-on-one. Dozens of staff from throughout Harvard College Library, along with staff from other Harvard libraries, were on hand for the event to highlight library services, help students find their way around, and answer questions.

To encourage students to become familiar with Lamont Library, staff and student workers led tours that highlighted areas like Research Services, the Multimedia Lab, the Language Resource Center, the Collaborative Learning Space, and the Ginsberg and Donatelli reading rooms. As an added incentive, students who took the tour and received stamps from each location were eligible to enter a raffle with prizes that included electronics, movie passes, and tickets to Boston museums.

In addition to helping students become familiar with the library's physical spaces, the tours were a chance for students to get acquainted with the collections they are likely to use during the academic year, including Lamont Media, the Woodberry Poetry Room, and the Farnsworth Room, which houses a collection of leisure reading.

Informational tables were set up in the Collaborative Learning Space on Level B, and staff from other HCL libraries—Cabot, Widener, Houghton, Harvard-Yenching, Loeb Music, Fine Arts, and Tozzer—fielded questions from more than 100 students who visited the room. Tables were also set up to distribute information about online services like Scan and Deliver and VIA, Harvard's catalog of visual materials. The Bureau of Study Counsel, which offers tutoring services to undergraduates, also set up a table during the event.

Library staff who took part in the open house included:

  • Susan Fliss and Maggie Hale (HCL)
  • John Baldisserotto, Tom Bruno, Colleen Bryant, Geoff Carens, George Clark, Jason Clarke, Linda Collins, Ann-Marie Costa, Paul Hanna, Emily Kelly, Gwang-Ho Kim, Steve Kuehler, Cheryl LaGuardia, Chris Lenney, Pam Matz, Ken Petersen, Jo Rindfleisch, Lynn Sayers, Martin Schreiner, Julia Starkey, Rebecca Wingfield, and Paul Worster (Widener and Lamont)
  • Mary Clare Altenhofen, Amanda Bowen, Spruill Harder, and Robert Sennett (Fine Arts Library)
  • Whitley Frost, Joseph Garver, and Jonathan Rosenwasser (Harvard Map Collection)
  • James Capobianco, Caroline Duroselle-Melish, and Chloe Garcia-Roberts (Houghton)
  • Linda Carter, Sue Leavitt, and Reed Lowrie (Cabot Science Library)
  • Kerry Masteller and Liza Vick (Loeb Music Library)
  • Kazuko Sakaguchi and Hugh Truslow (Fung)
  • Kuniko McVey (Harvard-Yenching)
  • Diana Carey (Schlesinger Library—Radcliffe Institute)
  • Alix Reiskind (Loeb Library—Harvard Graduate School of Design)
  • Jennifer Page and Craig Rodgers (Bureau of Study Counsel)

A number of student workers also took part in the event. They included Aria Guarino, Natalie Heer, Ashley Hutchinson, Alan Ibrahim, Meaghan Lyons, Addie Rolnick, Aisha Townes, and Tracy Vo. Peter ReuellThis e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it , Harvard College Library Communications