Robin Wendler

Metadata Analyst
Office for Information Systems, Harvard University Library
1280 Massachusetts Ave., Suite 404
Cambridge, MA 02138 USA
(617) 495-3724 fax: (617) 495-0491


Here we have a few of the many projects, odds, and ends which I expect to be claiming my time for the next few months, in some rough order of priority:

  1. OCLC reclamation project
  3. Revise OIS metadata and standards web pages
  4. OPAC scope paper
  5. DRS2 metadata design
  6. Google: GLIB, Aleph holdings, OCLC reporting
  7. Discovery and Metadata Coordinating Committee
  8. Manuscripts and Archives Standing Committee
  9. Visual Materials Standing Committee
  10. Judaica use of OLIVIA
  11. I Tatti use of OLIVIA
  12. Registry of Digital Masters exports
  13. Ad-Hoc Committee to Review Cataloging Cultural Objects
  14. Project consulting:
  15. MARS public documentation
  17. Review RDA
  18. NET issues

Current or Recent External Committees:

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